Dream Team Qualifying Competition

We’re stoked to host our fourth Dream Team Qualifying Competition on the night of Wednesday, 9/27 from 5:00PM-11:30PM. For those unfamiliar, this surf competition has three age groups, six divisions (boys & girls), and twelve champions- top 2 surfers in each division! Compete for the chance to make it onto the Skudin Surf American Dream Team at the ultimate indoor surfing facility. Team riders will receive FREE pool time, coaching, field trips in the American Dream mall & much more epic opportunities during their four months on the team!


Competition Format

  • Check-in 5:00PM: Competitors will check in at the tent.
  • Warmup 6:00PM:-7:00PM
  • Round 1 will kick off at 7:00PM
  • Surfers will have one chance per wave in each heat. Scores will be tallied up throughout each round. Highest overall scores win!
    • Round 1: All surfers compete in Round 1. The Wave will be “Classic.”
    • Round 2: Half of the surfers will continue surfing in Round 2. The Wave will be “Gotham.”
    • Round 3: Quarterfinals. The Wave will be “Wall Street left and right”
    • Round 4: Semifinals. The Wave will be “Wall Street” or “Happy Hour left and right.”
    • Final Round: Top competitors within each division. Pick your own wave!
    • Award Ceremony: Top 2 surfers from each division will qualify!

Age Divisions

  • Boys & Girls (6 divisions total. Top 2 in each = 12 winners!)
    • Age 9 & Under
    • Age 10-12
    • Age 13-15
  • Age divisions are based on age as of competition date 09/27/2023.
  • Hand-selected & certified judging panel.
Competition Entry Fee: $250

Dream Team Details 

  • No fee to be on the team, Entirely free. Only payment is for the competition registration fee.
  • Team status is held for 4 months, until the next tryout.
  • Each month- October, November, December, and January you will be given:
    • Two practice sessions monthly for October, November, December, and January; totaling 4 hours of pool time each month. One session will be a Public Session surfed on your own time, and the other will be a Private Dream Team Practice. Four months with four hours of pool time = 16 hours total!
      • The first private practice session will be a TBD weeknight in October.
      • *Remainder of practice sessions will be weekday evenings, and will vary with times from month-to-month.
    • Professional surf coaching & video analysis in each private practice session. 
    • Epic team gear.
    • Surprise trips to American Dream Mall attractions before each practice.
    • Discount codes for public sessions & special events.


  • This surf competition is intended for surfers from the Northeast to progress their surfing to new heights. Registrations are only allowed for those that live from North Carolina-Maine.


  • $250 – Competition Registration Fee
  • Plus 4% Registration Fee

Paid in full at the time of booking.