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Public Sessions

All Ages & Abilities

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Public Sessions

Option A

Beginner (Whitewater)
Surf More Special:
Mornings Tues-Thurs $99
Public Sessions

Option B

Surf More Special:
Mornings Tues-Thurs $195
Public Sessions

Option C

Surf More Special:
Mornings Tues-Thurs $195
Public Sessions

Option D

Surf More Special:
Mornings Tues-Thurs $195
Public Sessions

Dates and Times

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2 Hour Public Sessions 

  • We use PerfectSwell technology by American Wave Machines.
  • We have sessions built for all ability and preference levels with surfers, bodyboarders, and bodysurfers.
  • Each different public session option- A, B, C, & D have preset wave formats that include different wave types for each skill level.
  • Sessions include a wave technician, instructors, surf caddy, and lifeguards on duty.
  • Surf instructors will work directly with “Option A” and “Option B” surfers.
  • We have a complimentary surfboard quiver available, with a very wide variety of shapes & sizes to use, free of charge.
  • We *highly recommend* to ride more liters in the pool than you normally do in the ocean.

Session Details and Prerequisites 

  1. Maximum of 6 participants.
  2. Average of 25+ rides.
  3. Waves are roughly 2 ft in height.
  4. Fun session for first timers and beginners!
  5. Includes lessons from our expert surf instructors; where you will learn all of the fundamentals of surfing.
  6. This consists of our moderate-speed whitewater wave, “Rubber Duckies.” It is great for working on balance and control of your surfboard.
  7. Free use of foam surfboards from our complimentary quiver.


To surf (or bodyboard) the beginner waves, you must first acquire the fundamental skills and knowledge of surfing from a beginner land lesson. This will be provided to you before the start of your session by the Skudin Surf staff.

  • This session will focus on riding waves successfully and gaining confidence. You will learn all the safety, skills, and, surf etiquette needed as a surfer.
  • Comfort with passing through small waves in shallow water where you can stand. (It is a very safe and controlled environment here.)
  • Correct wipeout action when falling or dismounting from the wave.
  1. Maximum of 14 participants.
  2. Waves are 2-3 feet in height and waves are produced every 30-40 seconds.
  3. Average of 25-30 rides per surfer.
  4. Fun session for beginner/intermediate surfers, longboarders, and those just looking for a mellow cruise. Groms can ride shortboards but we do recommend bigger boards for adults.
  5. Includes in-water instruction and basic coaching from staff if needed.
  6. Work on progression of down-the-line surfing on an open face wave at moderate speeds.
  7. 40 minutes of “The Dream” to get started.
  8. 40 minutes of “Wall Street” or “Sinatra.”
  9. 40 minutes of “Classic” to wrap up the session.
  10. Feel free to use our complimentary quiver  free of charge. You can also bring own board– we recommend mid-length boards or longboards for this session.
  11. Read more about our wave types here.


  • Ability to paddle into waves pop-up to your feet on the surfboard.
  • Basic knowledge of safety, skills, and etiquette.
  • Ability to paddle a surfboard over and through whitewater waves on your own.
  • Correct wipeout action (safest ways to fall or dismount during your waves).
  1. Maximum of 14 participants.
  2. Waves are 3-4 ft in height and around 30 seconds apart.
  3. Average of 25-30 rides per surfer.
  4. Fun session for a large variety of maneuvers and rides.
  5. 40 minutes of a-frames to open up: “Classic” and “Gotham”.
  6. 40 minutes of our section wave: “Wall Street”
  7. 40 minutes to finish up on the a-frames: “Classic” and “Gotham”.
  8. Learn more about our wave types here!
  9. Use of our complimentary quiver.
  10. This session is designed primarily for shortboarders and advanced longboarders.
  11. If riding a shoreboard, we recommend using boards 5-7 liters bigger than what you would normally ride in the ocean.


This session is for intermediate-advanced surfers that have an advanced level of fitness and competency in surfing. To surf/bodyboard/bodysurf this wave, you must:

  1. Be able to duck dive or turtle dive.
  2. Surf chest-high waves at your home break.
  3. Have a good consistent take off, and be able to make a late takeoff/steep drop.
  4. Have knowledge of your surf equipment.
  5. Know the proper wipeout action.
  6. Have good board control & stopping technique.
  7. Paddle into waves by yourself.
  8. Pop-up straight to your feet and not to your knees first.
  1. Maximum of 10 participants.
  2. Waves are 3-4 feet in height and come every 30-40 seconds.
  3. Roughly 25+ waves per each person.
  4. This is our most advanced session, and we really recommend that you are a very experienced surfer/bodyboarder.
  5. Steep drops, critical sections, and hollow/fast waves.
  6. 20 minutes: A-frames “Classic.” or “Gotham”
  7. 40 minutes: “Playgrounds.”
  8. 40 minutes: Perfect end section waves- “Magic Miquel”
  9. 20 minute cool down: “Playgrounds” or “Classic.”
  10. We recommend high performance shortboards for pros, and 2-5 liters more volume in shortboards for advanced surfers.
  11. Use of our complimentary quiver.


To surf our advanced/expert sessions, you must be able to:

  1. Duck dive.
  2. Paddle hard with momentum.
  3. Surf heads high waves.
  4. Make late/under the lip take-offs.
  5. Generate speed.
  6. Initiate maneuvers using bottom turns and top turns.

We are super excited to present our spring season package deal!

This includes access to 5 Public Sessions, redeemable March 1st through May 31st! (3 months)

  •  Package Option #1: Option B Sessions, Option C Sessions, & Option D Sessions
    • The price of this package is $950, for a total savings of $350!
    • The package can be applied to any of our B Sessions, C Sessions, or D Sessions; you can absolutely mix and match if you’d like.
  • Package Option #2: Option A Sessions
    • The price of this package is $550, for a total savings of $75!
    • This package can only be applied to A Sessions only.

Individualized codes will be sent to your registered email upon purchase.

*These packages are for INDIVIDUAL USE only by the registered participant. Cannot be combined or shared with other registered participants*


Additional Information:

  • You will need to register for each individual Public Session with your code and must receive a specific confirmation email for each public session.
  • Codes are valid only for Public Sessions and not for any events and speciality sessions. Codes cannot be combined with any other discounts, offers, and/or sales.
  • Any previously registered full price Public Sessions in March can be included in this package deal. Refunds of the price difference are available upon request.
  • Please be sure to check out our Public Session Calendar in advance so you are aware of the dates that we will be providing these sessions in order to use your codes correctly.
  • Codes cannot be shared or used by any participant other than the name used to register. Participants found with an invalid purchase using a package code will be subject to full payment of the session at check-in onsite.

What Session Is Good for Me?


Spectator Policy:

  • You may bring (1) spectator with your registered ticket.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

  • All bookings are non-refundable.
  • Bookings can be transferred to another date with a minimum of 7 day notice prior to the scheduled session- NO CHARGE.
  • Bookings can be transferred 7 days to 48 hours with a 25% TRANSFER FEE of paid ticket.
  • No cancellations or transfers UNDER 48 HOURS.


  • Rolling Schedule – Check Availabilities Above. 


2 Hour Public Session  

  • $125.00 (Option A)
    • Surf More Special: Tues-Thurs Mornings $99
  • $250.00 (Option B/C/D)
    • Surf More Special: Tues-Thurs Mornings $195

Details of purchase 

  • Plus 4% Registration Fee
  • Paid in full at the time of booking
  • Must have confirmation email of registered session date and time.
  • Please double check your purchased session details before arrival.
  • Arrival time = 45 minutes before your session start time.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

  • Please check your registered ticket above for the correct date, time, and session option as our ticketing policy will be enforced for all cancellations and reschedules.
    • 7 days notice: Tickets can be transferred to another date and time.
    • under 7 days to 72 hours notice: $25.00 fee
    • Under 72 hours to 24 hours notice: $50.00 fee.
    • Under 24 hours notice: NO TRANSFERS OR REFUNDS.
  • All bookings are nonrefundable.


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