Private Dream Sessions

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Private Dream Sessions


All Ages & Abilities
Private Dream Sessions

1 Hour

Up to 10 surfers
Private Dream Sessions

2 Hours

Up to 16 surfers
Private Dream Sessions

Session Times

7:00AM – 11:00AM
8:00PM – Midnight
Session times vary daily
Private Dream Sessions

What To Bring

Swimsuit & Towel
*Bring a surfboard or use one of ours

Private Dream Sessions

Have the entire wavepool to yourself! The fun is endless when you can pick your own crew, schedule, wave settings, and your music!

We have fun options for all ages & abilities! These sessions include a private cabana setup on the pool deck overlooking the waves with snacks & cold drinks. Additional items can be added by request as well! Let’s surf!!

Perfect for 

  • A private surf with just you or some friends/family
  • Corporate events
  • Birthday parties
  • Escaping the cold & flat days
  • Bachelor & bachelorette parties
  • Surf coaching/training
  • Before or after a night out in NYC
  • Holiday parties
  • …And more!

October Calendar

Wave Options

  • The A-Frames:

Double your wave count with 2 riders per wave: For larger groups, we recommend the a-frame waves to split peaks right and left, which maximizes wave counts. We have several versions of these waves varying from beginner to expert. Catch up to 25 waves an hour on these wave settings! (Wave types: Gotham, Classic, the Dream)

  • The Left and Right Section Waves:

These waves offer a more lengthy ride similar to a fun day of surf in the ocean. We have waves that break across the pool, and waves that offer sections for turns & maneuvers. These waves run at 40 second intervals between waves, and we recommend an average group size. (Wave types: Wall Street, Sinatra, Happy Hour, Beer Belly, Shotgun, & Miguel)

  • The “Vortex” and “Playgrounds”– the Barreling Waves:

These are our most critical waves for advanced surfers which offer barrel. We recommend these waves for advanced surfers using shortboards. It is also perfect for bodyboarders.  

Learn more about wave types here!

Additional Info:

  • These sessions include a wave operator, two surf instructors/surf caddies and lifeguards on duty.
  • We have a complimentary quiver with over 60 surfboards available! Here is a link to our quiver.
  • Bring your own board or use one of ours– there is a chance of some minor dings, so we recommend to leave your favorite board at home.
  • We recommend to start with a bigger board (roughly 2-5 liters bigger than what you normally ride) so that it is easier to learn how the pool technology works. Look through our complimentary quiver online or during your session.
  • The a-frame waves are a great way to start your session and double your group’s wave count; these waves are also good for a wider range of surfing abilities.
  • A fast pop-up and being able to create speed is critical for surfing our advanced wave settings.
  • It is important to use basic surf etiquette to keep the session organized and maximize fun for everyone.
  • Don’t dive; the bottom is concrete, pretend you are surfing over a reef.

Add Ons 

  1. Extra Instructor: $200/2hour – highly recommend for first-time surfers and beginners
  2. Surf Coach: $500/2hour for improving on style and flow for competitive surfers or quick improvements in skills. 
  3. Media Package $500/1hour consists of one hour of an on-site photographer.  Deliverables include downloadable high resolution album of photos.

Private Dream Session 

Morning Sessions 7:00AM – 12:00PM

Evening Sessions 7:00PM – Midnight 

*Session times vary. Click on link above to see available dates and times.

*Down payments as low as $500 accepted during time of booking.

*All bookings are nonrefundable


1 Hour Pricing

  • $1600.00
  • 4% processing fee
  • Up to 10 surfers

2 Hour Pricing

  • $3,200.00
  • 4% processing fee
  • Up to 16 surfers

Your Private Dream Session – Organize and Bring Your Own Group

  • The amount of surfers in the water at one time is at the discretion of the customer (1-16 surfers)
  • Additional add-ons available by request such as catering, custom merchandise, VIP Suites, etc.
  • Contact us via phone or email with any questions regarding wave settings, location, or other accommodations that may be needed.

Add Certified Surf Coach 

  1. Surf Coach: $500/2hour – Highly recommend for improving on style and flow for competitive surfers or quick improvements in skills. 

Add On Extra Instructor 

  1. Extra Instructor: $200/2 hour – Highly recommend for first-time surfers and beginners.

Payment Options:

Paid in full at the time of booking or $500 deposit with remaining balance auto charged 7-13 days prior to session.

Set up a special surf night! We are now offering additional services for your private pool party experience!

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • A VIP Suite
  • Catering services
  • Drinks
  • Custom apparel
  • Decorations of your choice set up
  • Ask about water slides and other American Dream attractions!!

Contact Us for Inquires:

– Office Phone: (516) 713-SURF

– Email:


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