Private Dream Sessions

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Private Dream Sessions


All Ages & Abilities
Private Dream Sessions

2 Hours

Up to 16 surfers
Private Dream Sessions

1 Hour

Up to 10 surfers
Private Dream Sessions

Session Times

7:00AM – 11:00AM
8:00PM – Midnight
Sessions times vary daily
Private Dream Sessions

What To Bring

Swimsuit & Towel
*Bring a surfboard or use one of ours
Private Dream Sessions

Check In

45 MINUTES before your session start time.

Private Dream Session

Two Hour feature allows a private surf experience in groups of up to 16 surfers, one hour up to 10 surfers.  The fun is endless when surfers are able to build their own custom wave playlist!

Each wave can last from three to eight seconds in length and reach three to four feet in height. The waves can be set to alternate every 25 – 70 seconds, which equates to 75 – 150 waves/hour. 

  • The A-Frames

Double your wave count for 2 riders a wave: For larger groups, we recommend the A- Frame wave to split peak rights and lefts and maximize wave counts. This wave gives each surfer an opportunity for two turns on the wave and each is super rippable, coming in 25 second intervals. We recommend this wave for surfers of all skill levels using all types of equipment. 

  • The Left and Right Section Waves

Allow a few lulls throughout your session and come with an average group size.  When running these specialty waves we recommend doing heats within larger group sizes.  

  • The Barreling Wave aka “Vortex”

The barreling wave requires more time in between waves to maximize the shape compared to the shorter time required for the left air section.  We recommend this wave for advanced surfers using shortboards. It is also perfect for bodyboarders.  

*Note: We will have a “lull” of up to 80 seconds to let the waves settle in order to maximize the wave technology.  Learn more about wave types 

Things to know about the Private Dream Session:

  • Includes a Wave Technician, two Surf Coaches/Surf Caddies and Lifeguards on Duty.
  • There are fun options for all levels of surfing abilities.
  • Includes private cabana on pool deck overlooking the waves.
  • We recommend professionals bring their own equipment and wear short leashes to prevent boards from hitting the wall. There is a good chance of some minor dings, so leave your favorite board at home.
  • Start with a bigger board because having the right equipment at Skudin Surf American Dream is key. Look through our complimentary quiver online or during your session. Here is a link to our quiver
  • The A-frame waves are a great way to start your session and double your group’s wave count; these waves are also good for a wider range of surfing ability.
  • A fast pop-up and being able to create speed is critical for surfing our advanced wave settings.
  • The more time you allow between waves, the better the quality. Please consider letting the water settle for a minute or two throughout your session.
  • It’s hot and sunny. Be prepared for summer heat and sunshine through the glass ceiling. Yes, you can get sunburnt!
  • Please paddle back along one of the walls after your wave and apply your basic surf etiquette.
  • Don’t dive; there is a cement bottom.


  • Please arrive 45 MINUTES before your session start time at Parking Lot B (Level 1 – Purple Lights Entrance) and a Skudin Surf staff member will greet you and escort you inside.
  • Electronic waivers must be completed by every member of your Private Dream Session 24 hours prior to your session start time. Waiver link will be sent in confirmation email from registration.
  • All bookings are nonrefundable. Bookings can be transferred to another date with a minimum 30-day notice prior to the scheduled session.

Perfect for 

  • Friend Surf Sessions
  • Competitive Surf Coaching
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  • Before or After a Night Out in NYC
  • Holiday Parties
  • Escaping the Cold and Flat Days
  • and More!


Add Ons 

  1. Extra Instructor: $100/hour – highly recommend for first-time surfers and beginners
  2. Surf Coach: $500/2hour for improving on style and flow for competitive surfers or quick improvements in skills. 
  3. Media Package $500/hour consists of one hour of an on-site photographer.  Deliverables include downloadable high resolution album of photos.

Private Dream Session 

Morning Sessions 7:00AM – 11:00AM

Evening Sessions 8:00PM – Midnight 

*Session times vary. Click on link above to see available dates and times.

2 Hour Pricing

  • $3,200.00
  • 4% processing fee
  • Up to 16 surfers

1 Hour Pricing

  • $1600.00
  • 4% processing fee
  • Up to 10 surfers

Your Private Dream Session – Organize and Bring Your Own Group

  • The amount of surfers in the water at one time is at the discretion of the customer (1-16 surfers)
  • Less surfers equals more waves each!
  • Average 75 – 150 waves an hour depending on the custom wave playlist built out by client on-site.

Add Certified Surf Coach 

  1. Surf Coach: $500/2hour – Highly recommend for improving on style and flow for competitive surfers or quick improvements in skills. 

Add On Extra Instructor 

  1. Extra Instructor: $100/1hour – Highly recommend for first-time surfers and beginners.

Payment Options:

Paid in full at the time of booking or $500 deposit with remaining balance auto charged 7-13 days prior to session.


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