All Ages


$350 per person


4 Hour Session


Friday, June 17th
8:00PM – Midnight

What To Bring

Swimsuit & Towel

Performance Coaching Night 

Professional video analysis (review) on our performance waves at Skudin Surf American Dream with coaches Will Skudin and Jeff Anthony. 

  • For Intermediate to Advanced Surfers
  • PerfectSwell by American Wave Machines technology
  • Advanced will work on progressing your skills
  • Intermediates will work on bottom turns, body positioning, cutbacks, board control, going down the line, and much more

Session Details

Flat screen video review between sessions from our VIP suite!

Includes Cabanas, Pizza, Refreshments & More!

  1. Limited to 20 participants
  2. Broken into 2 heats
  3. A-frames, section waves, down-the-line-waves, and our  “Playgrounds” setting.
  4. 30 min Introduction warm ups
  5. 2 hours of surf time
  6. 1 hour of video review
  7. 30 min warm down
  8. Left and rights end sections waves “Happy Hour”, “Magic Miquel” and “Wall Street” – Wave Types to Learn More 
  9. A-frame “Gotham”
  10. Dropbox link to photos and video will be sent via email after the event.
  11. Recommended surfboards are high performance shortboards for professionals and 2-5 higher volume shortboards for advanced
  12. Use of our Complimentary Quiver 

This session is for intermediate to advanced surfers that have a high level of fitness and competency in surfing , you must be able to:

  1. Duck dive or turtle dive
  2. Surf head high waves at your home break
  3. Can make a late take-off
  4. Knowledge of your surf equipment
  5. Correct wipe-out action
  6. Good board control & stopping technique
  7. Paddling into waves by myself
  8. Good consistent take off
  9. Initiate turning left and right
  10. Surf forehand & backhand
  11. Pop straight to feet and not to knees first


  • Waivers and online registration must be completed before your session.
  • All bookings are nonrefundable and non-transferable.

4 Hour Session

  • Friday, June 17th
  • 8:00PM – Midnight  


  • $350 per individual
  • Plus 4% Registration Fee
  • Paid in full at the time of booking
surfing American Dream
surfing American Dream