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  • Do you have boards we can use? Yes! We have a complementary (free) quiver to choose from during every session. We have an ever growing inventory of shortboards, fun-shapes, longboards, and bodyboards. You can view our quiver online here! If you plan on bringing your own board, please be sure to “volume up.” This pool is fresh water, so we recommend that you ride a board 3-5 liters bigger than you normally would in the ocean. We also recommend using short/comp leashes. There is a chance of some minor dings, so it is best to leave your favorite board at home.
  • What is the best way to reach you?  You can contact our office phone at (516) 713-7873 from 9am-5pm weekdays. All other calls will be directed to our on-site phone. Also feel free to shoot us an email at americandream@skudinsurf.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
  • What type of session should I book? 
    • Private Dream Session: These sessions are best for larger groups, events, or having your own private/personal session! We offer these sessions in one or two hour blocks, with an epic cabana setup (snacks & drinks included), and a fully-customizable selection of waves just for you or your group.
    • Public Sessions: We offer public sessions for a variety of skill levels. They consist of four options- A, B, C, and D. They flow in ascending order from beginner (A) to expert (D). You can view which wave types are included in each option by clicking through the tabs displayed in our Public Session category on our website.
  • What is the temperature in the wave pool? The temperature in the pool is about 80 degrees year round, and the air is about the same! The air does get a bit hotter during the morning session when the sun peeks through the glass (you cannot get sunburnt in there). You can definitely leave the wetsuit at home, but we recommend to bring a top or rashguard if you get cold super easily.
  • Is the wave pool safe for my group? Absolutely. We have taken every possible measure to guarantee the highest level of safety for our staff and surfers. Checkout our full safety plan on our website.
  • How deep is the pool? The pool is about 10 feet deep the furthest out where the waves are generated, with a steep incline up to where the waves crash in about 3 feet of water. Closer in, this 3 feet deep bottom will gradually get shallower as the shoreline approaches.
  • How big are the waves? Our advanced waves reach heights of around 3-4 feet, while our beginner/intermediate waves range between 1-3 feet. Come to your session with the goal of having fun and staying loose and you will not be disappointed! You can check out our wave types here!
  • How many waves can I get in my session? There will be an opportunity to catch 20+ waves per person during an average session of two hours, whether it is public or private. 
  • Why do you only offer sessions at early/late times? During regular daytime hours, the facility operates as Dreamworks Water Park. Because of this, our hours of operation fall during morning and night times only. 
  • If I book a session, am I allowed to bring a guest? Yes! You can bring one guest with you during your session as long as they stay around the perimeter of the pool. They can absolutely shoot photos/videos as well. You can also bring guests and spectators to private sessions, as long as it does not surpass our listed capacity.
  • Can I bring outside food/drink? Yes, absolutely. We also have a complimentary cooler with water on site during all of our sessions.
  • When do you release session times?  Right now, we are releasing both public and private sessions 4-8 weeks ahead of time. 
  • Are the waves in this pool similar to the waves at BSR Cable Park? We use the same technology as BSR– PerfectSwell. Although, because of the dimensions of our pool, the distance of rides is a bit shorter and the waves are a bit smaller than BSR. To use an analogy, if BSR is a skatepark, then we are the few super fun mini ramps in your backyard. Keep in mind, most wave pools are outdoors and are climate-based, and other surf pools have many extra costs associated with travel- airplanes, hotels, and rental cars. We are indoors and just 15 minutes outside NYC!
  • Can I leave the surfing area while I am inside the water park? No, please stay inside the designated surfing area while surfing, and around the perimeter of the pool if spectating. All of the rides are off limits during surfing hours.
  • Do you offer special rates for surf teams and schools? Yes, please inquire for rates by emailing us at americandream@skudinsurf.com
  • Do you have any plans to offer season memberships or anything like that?  Not just yet, but we will be offering multi-session packages very soon! These packages will be specific to individuals and cannot be shared.
  • As a parent, can I surf the outside waves while my children surf the inside whitewaters? Yes, we provide expert surf instructors to work with beginners and children on the inside whitewater waves. You can surf the B or C Public Session while your child is in an A session. This goes for Private Dream Sessions as well.


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