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  • When will the wave pool be open to the individual booking public sessions? this is our Open Public Sessions option
  • What is the best way to reach you?  Our team will get back to you right away by emailing americandream@skudinsurf.com
  • Is Skudin Surf American Dream a Safe Activity during the pandemic?  Skudin Surf American Dream falls under the guidelines of indoor aquatic and recreation facility as well as indoor pool facilities. We adhere to guidelines issued by the state of New Jersey and provide the safest experience possible while following all CDC guidelines.
  • How can I use the wave pool? Surf with friends! Find a group and reserve the wave pool in our Private Dream Session option..  Or our individual booking sessions for all ages and abilities as well, check the prerequisites and chart to pick the best session for you.
  • Can I leave the surfing area while I am inside the water park? No, please stay inside the designated surfing area while surfing.  All the rides are off limits during surfing hours.
  • Is the wave pool safe for my group? Absolutely. We took every possible measure to guarantee the highest level of safety for staff and surfers. Checkout our full safety plan on our website.
  • How big are the waves? If you come just to mess around and have fun with your friends you will enjoy the experience. The  wave height can max around three to four feet and there are a dozen different wave type options. Check wave types 
  • Can you do multiple tricks and maneuvers on the waves? Most waves allow for one maneuver some of our waves allow for two tricks.
  • Can I book a session in the middle of the day? Session booking options and availability is online, The hours of operation vary per day between  7:00am – 11:00 am or 8pm -12pm.
  • If I book a session, am I allowed to bring a guest to capture photos? Yes, as long has you have less than 20 people in your group. Private Dream Sessions max out at 16 surfers, allowing the extra persons in the group to spectate the session.
  • If I book a public session, am I allowed to bring a guest to hang out and watch? For now we are allowing you to bring one guest to public sessions.
  • When are the bookings going to open and available online?  For right now, we are releasing sessions one month ahead of time. For example, April 1st sessions will open online by March 1st; please
  • Are the waves similar in length to the waves at BSR Park? We use the same technology as BSR combined with @PerfectSwell technology. The distance of rides is shorter, three to eight seconds, and the waves are three to four feet at its tallest sections.   To use an analogy, if BSR is a skatepark, then we are the few super fun mini ramps in your backyard.  Keep in mind, most wave pools are outdoors and are climate-based and other surf pools have many extra costs associated with travel – airplanes, hotels, rent-cars.   We are indoors and just 15 minutes outside NYC!
  • Is the temperature really 80 degrees in the air and water?  Yes, it’s hot and sunny. Be prepared for summer heat and sunshine through the bubble walls. Yes, you can get sunburnt!
  • Do you offer special rates for Surf Teams and schools? Yes, please inquire for rates by emailing americandream@skudinsurf.com
  • Do you have any plans to offer season memberships or anything like that?  We will be offering multi-session packages once the COVID pandemic is over.
  • As a parent, can I surf the outside waves while my children surf the inside whitewaters during a Private Dream Session? Yes, if you use the add on function to purchase an extra instructor.  We can provide instruction on the long whitewater riding waves, aka our “Rubber Ducky” waves. We recommend that for every five surfers, the services of one instructor are purchased as an add-on at $100/hour.  In addition, we recommend that beginner surfers under the age of eight utilize the service of a one-on-one instructor.
  • Should I bring my own board? We have a complementary quiver to choose from online included in your dream session – shortboards, fun-shapes, longboards, and bodyboards click here.  If you plan on bringing your own board please make sure you “volume up.” This is a freshwater pool and the density is different than the ocean. Wear a short leash or your board will hit the wall. There is a good chance of some minor digs, so leave your favorite board at home.


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