Learn to Surf – Public Sessions  – Individual Tickets!

Learn to surf this summer with our 2 hour public surf sessions tickets. Beginner and Intermediate level sessions being offered in our warm water indoor wave pool, located just 15 minutes from New York City. Surfers in our 2 hour sessions can expect to catch an average of 25+ waves each! Sessions can be booked individually or with a group. Let’s surf!

Read through our sessions below for more information.

Beginner Public Session


Time: 2 Hours


Price: Weekday $99.00 and Weekend $125.00


Skill Level: For first timers and those that are new to the sport of surfing!


Wave Type: Rubber Duckies

  • Slow-speed whitewater wave
  • 1ft (knee high) in height.
  • Perfect for learning how to pop-up to your feet and ride your first wave successfully.
  • Every 30 seconds (expect 25+ waves each)


Capacity: 10 surfers



  • Must be able to stand in 3ft 6in of water OR be a proficient swimmer

More Information

  • Learn a new sport in 2023! This session includes group surf instruction from our team who will work with you to teach you the basics and fundamentals of surfing and to make sure you are stoked & surfing safely. 
  • This surf session includes an introductory land-lesson to teach you how to pop up and properly navigate your surfboard in the waves before hitting the water.
  • Foam surfboards are provided for your lesson. Just bring a swimsuit & towel to get started with us. 
  • This session runs in the whitewater waves of our Intermediate, Advanced and A-frames Only public sessions. Perfect for those surfers that would like to learn while their experienced friends or family surf in the larger waves at the same time. Look out for these different skill levels at the same date and time so you can book the whole group together! 

Intermediate Public Session


Time: 2 Hours



Weekday Mornings: $185

Evenings & Weekends: $250



Capacity: 10 surfers


Skill Level: Beginners who have surfed 3 or more times, up to Intermediate level surfers on midlength and long boards.


Wave Type: 

  • Gravy Train –  Peeling Wave going LEFT AND RIGHT across the pool
  • Gravy Train has moderate steepness & speed for Intermediate surfers & longboarders to have fun and progress their surfing.
  • Waves in this session range from knee-stomach high and are produced every 30 seconds. Rides are 6-8 seconds in length
  • Each individual surfer can expect 25+ waves each.
  • We do not recommend short boards for this session!
  • IMPORTANT – A-frame waves are currently not operational for public sessions and so we will only be running Gravy Train for this Intermediate public session. Reduced price and reduced session capacity reflect these changes.


  • Have been surfing 3 or more times.
  • Ability to pop-up to your feet on the surfboard. (In water instructors will assist surfers into waves at the peak if they are unable to paddle-in).
  • Basic understanding of safety, skills, and surf etiquette.
  • Knowledge of how to navigate a surfboard over and through whitewater waves on your own.
  • Correct wipeout action (safest ways to fall or dismount during your waves). 

More Information

  • Looking to progress your surfing out of the whitewater and into green waves? This session will help you get there.
  • lncludes in-water surf instruction at the peak to push surfers into the waves.
  • We recommend foamboards, mid lengths, or longboards for this session. Shortboards can be ridden but are not suggested by our staff.
  • This session includes the free use of any surfboards from our complimentary surfboard quiver on a first-come, first-serve basis.


  • Morning Sessions 7:00AM – 11:00AM
  • Evening Sessions 8:00PM – Midnight
  • Surf hours vary depending on day of week and DreamWorks Waterpark operating hours. Check out our booking calendar for the most up to date availabilities!

Details of purchase 

  • Plus 6% Registration Fee
  • Paid in full at the time of booking
  • Must have confirmation email of registered session date and time.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

    • All bookings non-refundable
    • 7 days notice – tickets can be transferred to another date and time: No fee
    • Under 7 days to 72 hours notice: $25.00 fee
    • Under 72 hours to 24 hours notice: $50.00 fee.