Things To Know

  • There are fun options for all levels of surfing ability.
  • We recommend professionals bring their own equipment and wear short leashes. There is a good chance of some minor dings, so leave your favorite board at home.
  • Start with a bigger board because having the right equipment at Skudin Surf American Dream is key. Look through our complimentary quiver online or during your session. Here is a link to our Quiver
  • The A-frame waves are a great way to start your session and double your group’s wave count; these waves are also good for a wider range of surfing ability.
  • A fast pop-up and being able to create speed is critical for surfing our advanced wave settings.
  • The more time you allow between waves, the better the quality. We like to let the water settle for one minute when switching wave types. 
  • It’s hot and sunny during the day. Be prepared for summer heat and sunshine through the skylight. (You cannot get sunburnt!)
  • Please paddle back along one of the walls after your wave and apply your basic surf etiquette.
  • Don’t dive; there is a cement bottom.

Perfect for first timer and beginner surfers.

Rubber Ducky’s

Inside white water rides for beginners and kids to learn enjoy.

Need additional hired instructor/lifeguard for this zone during your private dream session. Straight Ride

The Glider

A step up from Rubber Duckies, this wave will teach you how to start to angle your board down the line. It is also a fun longboard or foamie wave for a laid back session.

Right 15B / Left 6B

Mini Dream

Smaller version of the Dream; Double the wave count in your session by choosing this wave. Perfect for beginners surfers to practice your pop-up and getting a fun ride.

Split Peak – 9E, 11E

Double your wave count with these split peak options.

The Dream

Double the wave count in your session on this peak with moderate steepness. Perfect for beginner/intermediate surfers to practice engaging their rail down the line or perfecting their first top turn.

Split Peak 10C & 11C


Our Surfers top choice. Perfect for practicing your combination of maneuvers. This split peak offers a soft opening section for turns or a small barrel ride followed by enough runway for a final turn on the end section.

Split Peak 10A & 11A


First open face pocket is steeper than The Classic with a nice pocket section or a barrel. Perfect for combination rail turn to finishing bank/tail blow.

Split Peak 10A & 11A


A perfect blend between “The Dream” and our “Classic wave setting.

Split Peak 10A & 11A

Under the lip barrel, our most technical wave.

The Vortex

One surfer at a time. Requires a minute or two between waves for the water to settle. This technical wave offers a fun critical under the lip barrel, perfect for practicing your quick reaction take-off. If you can scoop this drop, you can make a drop anywhere! It’s our indoor mini slab!

Left 8D or 7C for advanced surfer
Right 12D or 13 C for advanced surfer

These are the misfit waves…that might just be epic for you!

Wall Street

This down the line peeling wave with a section in the middle is perfect for a variety of surfing– including a big turn, and open-face air, two smaller turns, or maybe even a head-dip barrel.

Right 16A / Left 5A

Playgrounds (Expert Only)

This 6 wave set includes quick wedges off the right and left walls at the same time, followed by a super fun a-frame that provides a tube and/or a sick turn/air end section. This will repeat itself for a second time right after, making it an epic 6 wave set.

Right – 20B / Left – 1B
A-Frame  – 10B


Fast drop with open face single maneuver. Good for one turn or practicing engaging your rail down the line. A favorite among bodyboarders and intermediate surfers.

Right 14B / Left 7B

A favorites for advanced/expert surfers.

Magic Miquel

Fast down the line, perfect end section for various types of airs and turns if you are light on your feet.

Right 16A / Left – 5A

Happy Hour

Fast down the line with perfect white water coping to practice your tail high maneuvers. Good section for learning your first air.

Right 15A / Left – 6A

Beer Belly

Fast down the line, perfect end section for a big snap or layback.

Right 15A / Left 6A


Quick to your feet. This fast down the line wave ends with a perfect ramp to practice your technical airs.

Right 16A / Left 5A