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Skudin Surf at American Dream with PerfectSwell technology – Advanced surfers will have a field day on a perfect left and right air section. Intermediate surfers can work with our professional coaches as they progress through each session. These intermediate waves will allow surfers to learn to go down the line and improve on basic surf maneuvers. Beginners can learn to surf, focus on riding waves successfully, paddle and position into their own waves, and most importantly, have fun!

Will Skudin’s perspective, “The waves are 3-4ft with a few bigger peaks. It’s like surfing a fun summer day but super consistent.   If you come just to mess around and have fun with your friends, you will enjoy the experience. Most waves allow for one maneuver. The tube is small, tight and technical but is great training for your under-the-lip takeoffs. It takes about 90 seconds to switch settings if you want to change from air section to barrels in middle of your session. Section waves for maneuvers can be programmed to come every 22-25 seconds and barreling wave every 80 seconds. If we were to make a comparison, this wave pool is like having a few sick little mini skateboard ramps in your backyard.” 

Things To Know

  • A fast pop-up and being able to create speed is critical for surfing our advanced wave settings.
  • There are fun options for all levels of surfing ability
  • We recommend professionals bring their own equipment and wear short leashes to prevent boards from hitting the wall. There is a good chance of some minor dings, so leave your favorite board at home.
  • Start with a bigger board because having the right equipment at Skudin Surf American Dream is key. Look through our complimentary quiver online or during your session. Here is a link to our Quiver
  • The A-frame waves are a great way to start your session and double your group’s wave count; these waves are also good for a wider range of surfing ability.
  • A fast pop-up and being able to create speed is critical for surfing our advanced wave settings.
  • The more time you allow between waves, the better the quality. Please consider letting the water settle for a minute or two throughout your session.
  • It’s hot and sunny. Be prepared for summer heat and sunshine through the bubble walls. Yes, you can get sunburnt!
  • Please paddle back along one of the walls after your wave and apply your basic surf etiquette.
  • Don’t dive; there is a cement bottom.

Perfect for first timer and beginner surfers.

The Party Wave

For beginner or first time surfers. This wave is perfect for learning how to catch your own wave or standing up for the very first time. Perfect party wave for your crew.

Straight ride. Line up at any number on back wall & E on the side wall

The Glider

A step up from The Party Wave, this wave will teach you how to start to angle your board down the line. It is also a fun longboard or foamie wave for a laid back session.

Right 15B / Left 6B

Mini Dream

Smaller version of the Dream; Double the wave count in your session by choosing this wave. Perfect for beginners surfers to practice your pop-up and getting a fun ride.

Split Peak – 9E, 11E

Rubber Ducky’s

Inside white water rides for beginners and kids to learn enjoy.

Need additional hired instructor/lifeguard for this zone during your private dream session. Straight Ride

Double your wave count with these split peak options.


Our Surfers Top Choice. Perfect for practicing your combination of maneuvers. This split peak offers a steep opening section for turns or a small barrel ride followed by enough runway for a final turn.

Split Peak 10A


First open face pocket is not as steep as The Classic but has a nice bonus end section. Perfect for combination rail turn to finishing bank/tail blow.

Split Peak 10A

The Dream

Double the wave count in your session by choosing this wave. Perfect for beginner/intermediate surfers to practice engaging their rail down the line or perfecting their first top turn.

Split Peak 10C

Under the lip barrel, our most technical wave.

The Vortex

One surfer at a time. Requires a minute or two between waves for the water to settle. This technical wave offers a fun, critical under the lip barrel. Perfect for practicing your quick reaction take-off. If you can scoop this drop, you can make a drop anywhere!

Left 8D or 7C for advanced surfer
Right 12D or 13 C for advanced surfer

These are the misfit waves…that might just be epic for you!


Fast down the line with a close out section that is perfect for floaters and any other creative coping style maneuvers.

Right 17A / Left 5A

Playgrounds (Expert Only)

This 6 wave set includes 4 quick wedges off the right and left walls & 2 super fun A-frames that provides a barrel and/or a fun one turn/air end section. 

Right – 20B / Left – 1B
A-Frame  – 10B


Fast drop with open face single maneuver. Good for one turn or practicing engaging your rail down the line. A favorite among bodyboarders and intermediate surfers.

Right 14B / Left 7B

A favorites for advanced/expert surfers.


Quick to your feet. This fast down the line wave ends with a perfect ramp to practice your technical airs.

Right 16A / Left 5A

Happy Hour

Fast down the line with perfect white water coping to practice your tail high maneuvers. Good section for learning your first air.

Right 15A / Left – 6A

Beer Belly

Fast down the line, perfect end section for a big snap or layback.

Right 15A / Left 6A
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