Things To Know

  • There are fun options for all levels of surfing ability. Beginners can surf in the inside whitewater of all our wave settings. 
  • The A-frame waves are a great way to start your session and double the group’s wave count. These waves are also good for a wider range of surfing ability. 
  • Our waves are generated at an average interval of 30 seconds in between each surfable wave. Our barreling waves and section waves require a bit more time for the water to settle.
  • A fast pop-up and being able to create speed is critical for surfing our Advanced wave settings.
  • Don’t dive – there is a cement bottom. Please paddle back along one of the walls after your wave and apply your basic surf etiquette.
  • Wave size: Our wave size ranges from 1-3 ft for Beginners and Intermediates, to 3-5 ft on the peaks of our Advanced and Expert waves.
  • We recommend professionals bring their own equipment and wear short leashes. There is a good chance of some minor dings, so leave your favorite board at home.
  • Start with a bigger board because having the right equipment at Skudin Surf American Dream is key. If riding a shortboard, we suggest to ride 2-5 liters of volume more than you usually would ride in the ocean.
  • Look through our complimentary SURFBOARD QUIVER online or before your session.
Wave types below with a “🔐” symbol are available in Private Dream Sessions only.

Perfect for first timer and beginner surfers.

Rubber Duckies

Learn to surf on these inside whitewater rides, which are the residual rolling waves from our more advanced wave settings. Perfect for beginners and kids to successfully ride their first waves.

Skill level: Beginner

The Glider 🔐 

A step up from Rubber Duckies, this wave will teach you how to start to angle your board down the line. It is also a fun longboard or foamie wave for a laid back session.

Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate

Double your wave count with these split peak options.


The most popular choice from our guests. This split-peak is perfect for practicing your combination of maneuvers and experimenting with your equipment.  It is best surfed on a shortboard or mid length, but this wave is still very fun for boards of all styles and sizes. The wave offers a roll-in takeoff, nice pocket, and end section. 

Skill level: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert


Similar to Classic, but the peak is a bit steeper and more hollow. This provides more speed off the takeoff, with the wave tapering off a bit more than Classic. This makes for a more bowly wave feel with a good pocket for turns or cruising.

Skill level: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

The Dream

This wave offers a softer peak with moderate steepness and peels without a section but it is possible to get a ride across the entire length of the pool. Perfect for Intermediate surfers and longboarders to trim down-the-line and get long rides.

Skill level: Intermediate

Wingnut 🔐 

A perfect blend between “The Dream” and our “Classic” wave setting. Wingnut offers a mellow takeoff, then the wave jacks up a bit and finishes with an end section.

Skill level: Intermediate

Under the lip barrel, our most technical wave.

The Vortex 🔐 

The best indoor tube in the world! This wave at its peak is a chest high, heaving barrel. Take off behind the peak on this wave setting and perfect your under-the-lip takeoff. Not to mention the vision from inside of this barrel is one-of-a-kind! If you can scoop this drop, you can make a drop anywhere! Requires between 1-2 minutes in between waves for the water to settle. 

Skill level: Expert

These are the misfit waves…that might just be epic for you!

Wall Street

This down the line wave peels across the pool diagonally, with a section in the middle that is perfect for all varieties of surfing– including rides for just cruising, a big turn, and open-face air, two smaller turns, or maybe even a head-dip barrel. It’s a very well liked wave from our advanced guests.

Skill level: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

Gravy Train

Similar to Wall Street, this wave setting peels across this pool and can offer a variety of rides and combinations of multiple maneuvers. Instead of a midface section like Wall Street, the Gravy Train keeps its slow pace and bowls up really nicely at the end of the wave. Named after famous NJ surfer, Ben Gravy, this wave suited his style perfectly with its slow peeling but steep canvas.

Skill level: Intermediate, Advanced, Expert


A perfect “wedge” setting for our intermediate crew. This wave offers an easy roll-in takeoff, with the wave face growing to double the size down the line before it tapers off. It’s a favorite for our intermediate guests. The wave provides a great feeling dropping in behind the peak that intermediate surfers may not be able to experience in the ocean. Good for one swooping turn or practicing engaging your rail and getting speed down the line!

Skill level: Intermediate


This 6 wave set begins with 2 quick, steep, cornering waves off the side walls at the same time, which is then followed by 1 wedging a-frame in the middle of the pool that provides a backdoor tube and a sick turn/air end section. It’s the closest that our wave pool can feel to the ocean, with waves breaking in all areas of the pool. This 3 wave cycle will repeat itself once more, making it an epic 6 wave set. One surfer at a time on each wave, and good surf lineup communication is necessary.

Skill level: Expert

A favorites for advanced/expert surfers.

The “Zeke” Peak 

Our most beloved and popular air section, named after Jacob “Zeke” Szekely who stomped about 30 airs on this setting in one night during its testing phase. This wave setting has a runway that is perfect for generating speed, with a steep but soft end section that makes boosting airs and slashing turns feel like going to a skatepark. Since it is our most user-friendly section wave, it is perfect for a large variety of turns and airs.

Skill level: Advanced, Expert

Shotgun 🔐 

This section wave is perfect for surfers that are light on their feet. This fast down the line wave ends with a proper ramp to practice your technical airs. This is our steepest section, which offers the chance to do the biggest airs on any wave on our menu. Anything from air reverses to backflips have been done on this setting.

Skill level: Expert

Happy Hour 🔐 

Similar to the Shotgun in setup, the Happy Hour has a little more energy off the takeoff with a bit less whitewater on the end section. Generate your speed down the line and enjoy a perfect white water coping to practice your tail high maneuvers. Solid section for learning your first airs!

Skill level: Advanced, Expert

Beer Belly 🔐 

The biggest of our section waves, the Beer Belly offers a strong takeoff with a steep face down the line. It has a perfect end section coping for a big snap or layback!

Skill level: Advanced, Expert

Magic Miquel 🔐 

A tighter-transition section wave with less runway, but our most outward projecting section. Great for air reverses, laybacks, and maneuvers done into the flats.

Skill level: Advanced, Expert