3 Hour Wall Street Special

Tuesday, May 23rd from 7:00-10:00PM

The 3 Hour Wall Street Special is one of the most fun specialty sessions at our wave pool. This session consists of surfing two epic versions of our “Wall Street” wave; our classic version of “Wall Street” and our brand new performance wave setting, the “Gravy Train“. These waves offer fun sections for multiple turns, barrels, and even airs. Alternating between sets of lefts and rights. To keep it short– It’s like a fun summer day off the local jetty, but at Skudin Surf American Dream every single wave is always perfect and the water is tropical!

  • This 3 hour session is designed for intermediate-expert surfers.
  • Session begins with a 30 minute warmup and cool down on our a-frame waves.
  • Followed by 30 minute intervals of lefts and rights on Wall Street & the Gravy Train for 2 hours straight.
  • These wave types offer steep faces and playful sections. Each is perfect for a large variety of turns, lines, and maneuvers. Anything from a barrel to an air has been done on these wave settings.
  • Waves in this session range from waist-stomach high and the waves are produced at an average of every 40 seconds
  • Maximum of 14 participants, and each individual surfer can expect 30+ waves each.
  • Includes a wave operator, surf instructor, and water safety.
  • Free access to any board in our complementary quiver. View here.
  • You may bring 1 spectator with your registered ticket.

Details of purchase 

  • Plus 6% Registration Fee
  • Paid in full at the time of booking
  • Session arrival time: 45 minutes before your session start time.
  • Must have confirmation email of registered session date and time.
  • Please double check your purchased session details before arrival.
  • You may bring (1) spectator with your registered ticket.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

  • Please check your registered ticket above for the correct date, time, and session option as our ticketing policy will be enforced for all cancellations and reschedules.
    • 7 days notice: Tickets can be transferred to another date and time.
    • under 7 days to 72 hours notice: $25.00 fee
    • Under 72 hours to 24 hours notice: $50.00 fee.
    • Under 24 hours notice: NO TRANSFERS OR REFUNDS.
  • All bookings are nonrefundable.
    • Under 24 hours notice: NO TRANSFERS OR REFUNDS.
  • All bookings are nonrefundable.